ACS Courier
ACS Courier


Simply because ACS means COURIER!

ACS is considered to be the first company in Greece that managed to connect its brand with the courier service. In the mind of Greek customers, ACS means courier, as it provides first-class services with the following competitive advantages:

  • Full range of modern courier services and products, which are distinctively characterized by fast delivery, accuracy and safety during the shipping process.
  • Specialised services for all user groups: the Retail Customer, the Businessman, the Large Corporation.
  • A high-density outlets network, unique for the European standards, including more than 350 points of service throughout Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria.
  • Excellent infrastructure that applies to all premises, procedures and operations, based on state-of-the-art technology.
  • Dynamic workforce of 3.000 people with expertise and sensitivity in serving all customer needs.
  • 25 years of valuable experience in the courier market, establishing the company in the first position on the marketplace, based on the continuous trust and loyalty of its customers.

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ACS Courier
ACS S.A.  Head Office: 25 Asklipiou Str (21th Km Athens - Lamia National Road), 145 68 Krioneri, Attiki, Greece
Tel.: +30 801 500 1111, +30 210 8190000, +30 211 5005000, Fax: +30 210 8190311, +30 211 5005311
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